What Mortgage Rate Applies to Me?

WHY ARE THERE DIFFERENT MORTGAGE RATES? We are not referring to the fixed rate vs variable rate mortgages.  As that difference is obvious, one locks you into a long-term fixed rate the other varies depending on the prime lending rate. “I SAW A LOWER RATE ONLINE!” Everyone wants the lowest mortgage rate available.  But it…

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5 Variables that Impact your Credit Score

In Canada, creditors such as banks, credit card and loan companies report to two major credit agencies, Equifax and TransUnion. From this combined report you are given a credit score from 300 – 900, and this score represents your credit worthiness when you apply for credit. Ideally you want a score above 680 to qualify…

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Mortgage Consolidation Ontario

Success Story – Consolidating 1st, 2nd and 3rd Mortgage

Mr and Mrs M, approached us after their mortgage approval fell through at the last minute with another broker.  Their last broker processed their mortgage for months and told them right before they were ready to sign with the lawyer that the lender was not willing to proceed. Mr M, was only at his current…

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As we are all facing this global crisis due to COVID-19, it is very important to protect our families with the uncertainties that the future holds.  We will get passed this pandemic, but we do not know how long the impact of this will have on our country’s economy.  Many businesses are cutting costs by…

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Short-Term Alternative Mortgage Solution

Mr & Mrs S, were looking to buy a bigger property for more space for their growing family.  They have sufficient income to support purchasing their perfect home but their credit scores were on the low end due to a few late repayments on their credit facilities.  Mrs S’s score was under 600.  They could…

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Success Story – Over $4,000 Annual Interest Savings!

Mr. D came to us asking for help as his existing broker could not get him approval for a REFINANCE to consolidate a bit of debt and take out some money so he can purchase a new car.  His current mortgage was with an alternative lender with a pretty high rate, and now that it…

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